Sometimes We’re Mistaken

The bee
Wishes to be
Judged as the butterfly
For he too dances
Atop the petals
The spirit of each
Blooming flower

And yet
He is beheld
With wicked eyes
As the wasp
A flash in the air
You could barely decipher
Between the beast
Who stings to fight
And he who defends
By giving his life


Still She Cries

Feel deeply
The pain that is

Fall deeply
When your love
Is taken for malice

Your heart
Should not feel
Based on your motivation

Your intentions
May have been good
But still she cries

The Lion and the Lamb

Though my name it may not be
That tends your mind to confidence
A lonely apparition free
To find and define competence

Should I stir a feeling then
In you of pure revulsion
My heart, weightless as it’s been
I smile at my expulsion

Alas, it’s you I’m hurting quite
For being who I am
Must it be the lion’s plight
To lionize the lamb


A sign
Of your worth
Glows red
The sidewalk
Though it seems
To forbid
Its warning
By shadows
Of those
Who stroll by
And yet
Despite shadows
Of others
And your own
Flickering neon
The dark
Is absolved
As your light
Shines again