Roger Roger, Ring the Bell

Roger Roger
Ring the bell
Dinner’s ready
Can’t you tell

Call them in
From the field
Time to eat
Another meal

Roger Roger
Ring the bell
Let them know
Another fell

Walk the streets
In the rain
Ring and ring
And ring again

Roger Roger
Ring the bell
That all is well

Dance and pull
The tethered bell
That all is well


I knew you were like this all along

There’s time
For us
To ruminate
Our paths

Yet I
You’re saving face
Craving a place
At last

I give you nothing
I gave it all
My priorities
Aren’t straight

I’m hearing one thing
And cheering on
Another me
Just laughs

It seems like you
‘re in
Another realm
Relishing in
That laugh


Ripples tickle
Painting waves
Of laughter on my cheeks
And forehead which
Murmuring something
I already know

A light from within
Shines from my chest
Appearing the same
But fierce
With glowing energy
Laughing from the depths

Our four arms rise
In unison
Hands gently
Finding their place
To clasp the other’s
At the surface
An explosion
Of new ripples
Tickles and
Leaves us shocked
At the similarities