I’m left laughing
And crying
While you look me
In the eyes
Your eyes
A reflection
Like the hood
Of your brother’s
Freshly waxed
Honda Civic
So frequently shined
To as to hide that
Which deteriorates

I guess you could say
That our values
Are different
But being
With you
And being attracted
To you
Constantly makes me
My own motives
And values
And wonder
Who I really am



Some come for the adventure
Others add a bullet
To a resume
An anecdote
To their party banter repertoires
Some come to learn a language
Many come to find themselves
Others to get away
From themselves
Or from someone else
Some don’t want to work
Some just want to work
To better the world
Some believe
That making a difference
Is real
That one person’s presence
And commitment
Can be enough
To inspire a change
To inspire a difference

Many think
That this is noble
Many tell them
They’re envious
That those who believe
Are innately selfless
They are giving away
Their time
Their precious time
Their lives
To follow what they believe
And the envious
Perhaps don’t truly believe
And perhaps those who do
Aren’t really sure
And are just there
To find out

But the envy exists
And this cycle
Of supposed selflessness
Never called purpose
Or role
Or responsibility
But selflessness
Unrelatable selflessness
Followed by envy
Leads to
A seemingly complete trust
In the institutions
Providing opportunities
For such absolute selflessness
A trust in that
A mission to make change
Reflects a perfectly selfless motive
And we all forget
That unpaid ambassadors
Providing goodwill
Is also most basically
An efficient
Foreign policy


The content of this post is based exclusively upon the opinions of the author and does not represent the views of the Peace Corps or the government of the United States of America.

Have you seen the stars?

Look up
Have you seen the stars?
Are they
Really more than what they are?

Celestial bodies light up
This tiny world we walk upon

Take a look at this life
Try not to stare straight at the sun

Look down
Can you feel the ground?
Try to walk
Without making a sound

It’s easy if you’re lucky
Kick off your shoes on your front lawn

Take a look at your life
Stand in awe of what you’ve done

Look out
Over your terrain
Is that
Gonna keep you entertained?

As long as happiness is
The price of what you’re living on

Take a look it’s alright
Sometimes the loss is all you’ve won

Look here
This ain’t about me
Every moment
Is an opportunity

The seconds come and they go
They stick around until they’re gone

Take a look at your life
The moment that’s just begun

Rupture the Rhythm

I just wanna lose the seatbelt.
Give me the chance to fly.
Even better, let me drive.
I wanna know what that felt
Like before these knees dig holes
Through the dusty dashboard.
VW heading, heading toward
The next line at the tolls.
Why’s it that my bills
Always find their way to the
Man’s hand? But you do the
Best impression of fulfill-
Ment. My new favorite game
Became the light post count.
Who knows to what amount
I’ll count? They’ll say I came
To my senses if I give up
The count, but would you stop
Counting? I’m ready to swap
Seats or get out. To rup-
Ture the rhythm once desired. I
Know now how it felt,
Pulling off my seatbelt.
Give me the chance to fly.